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Design & Brand Management

Conceive and reveal a brand’s identity

A brand’s look & feel encompasses all its expressions

The Logo : main identifier, your signature !

Colors, forms, structures, frameworks, patterns, pictograms … encoding the brand in a visible manner.

Defining a singular style for all visual elements, be they pictures or illustrations.

Fonts create recognition. Two possibilities : create a proprietary font, tailor-made therefore unique.
Or choosing an existing font embodying the brand through its design.

(Some) variation usually requested

Lay out including codes, typographies and iconography. Innovate in terms of format, papers or screens.

The showcase, visible and accessible to all

We are not fishmongers ! But we provide your places and spaces a personality/identity mirroring the brand’s.

Embed your brand’s DNA in your landmarks

Essential tool normalizing (rules) the use of the different ingredients making up your brand’s territory.